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arizona mountains_edited.jpg

Location: Arizona Mountains

Early June

Rainbow Trout - 21 inches

Cutthroat Trout - 18 inches

Caught on Bear River Tackle - Ash Special Red

All of the fish shown in this section were caught with Bear River flies.  Additional information about each trophy is displayed when you click on the images.

If you would like your picture to be included in the Gallery please send an e-mail with the following information:

  • Fishing trip date (e.g. April 2019)

  • Location (e.g. Pyramid Lake, Nevada)

  • Fish type (e.g Cutthroat Trout)

  • Approximate length / weight (e.g. 33 inches / 19 pounds)

  • Type of Bear River Fly that was used (e.g. Ninja, Black, Craw)

  • Include your name if you would like but it is not required

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