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The Magic of Bear River Flies and Fishing Techniques

Pyramid Lake Nevada

We arrived at the lake and set up camp in the afternoon. Everything was going according to plan and we were getting ready to fish when a horrendous storm with 50 mph wind gusts descended on the lake. The tent was quickly flattened when a fiberglass support pole snapped, but that did not deter us. On this lake the hottest bite can be in the middle of a storm, so we left the tent horizontal and started fishing.

Before the wind settled down in the evening, 15 large cutthroat trout had been landed. A little duct tape on the broken tent pole and we were back in business. Excellent way to start the trip.

I began fishing with a spinning rod and a bubble (like on the web site) or a slip sinker instead of the bubble for greater depth. In this case the fly was jigged back with the same quick retrieve (jig up, reel fast, repeat). The leader was 6-7 foot in both cases, and included a dropper fly and medium sized split shot between the two flies.

This rig and the Bear River flies were unlike anything else being used on the lake and they continued to out fish everyone nearby.

Finally, fly fishermen started wandering over and asking, “what are you doing?” One person even asked if I provided guide service.

Over the course of a week I caught two 28-inch trout that each weighed about 13 pounds. One of the fishermen I met on the lake finally ditched his flyrod and started using a spinning rod with Bear River flies. He caught a 33-inch trout that weighed about 20 pounds and numerous other 26- to 27-inch fish. It was almost like he hit the lottery! Pictures of both are in the Trophy Gallery.

Between the two of us we landed over 45 trout that measured between 24-33 inches and weighed between 5-20 pounds.

This is the magic of Bear River flies and fishing technique.

Kansas ponds and small lakes

Flat water fishing for bass, catfish and bluegill is starting to heat up in Kansas.

During three days last week I landed over 50 bass and bluegill using a fly and bubble on a small 6 acre watershed lake. All of the fish were caught in the last two hours before dark.

Two small boys, who had never caught a fish before, came on one of the trips.

Both caught two fish apiece using a fly and bubble on a small rod with push button Zebco 33 reel. Pictures are in the Trophy Gallery

There is nothing like catching your first fish. There was a lot of jumping around and yelling, “I caught a fish! I caught a fish! I caught a fish!”

This is the magic of Bear River flies and fishing technique.

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