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Float Tube Advantage

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The float tube was unsteady and the fins on my feet made it difficult to walk forward, which didn’t help matters. Twice I almost did a swan dive into the water before backing into the tube (left center) and launching from shore.

But once underway it was magical…..the tube glided across the lake with the steady kicks of my fins, providing access to deep water and thick brushy areas that could not be reached from land.

During summer as the water temperature rises and weeds start to grow the fish tend to move into deeper cooler water. A float tube allows you to go where the fish are and can make a world of difference in the success of your trip.

You will be able to troll flies behind the tube as well as cast to brushy areas and docks. Both can be very effective strategies for summertime fishing.

A couple of things to consider if you want to try this technique:

- This is your own personal boat so buy the best tube you can afford. Ask around and examine different models. If possible, sit in the different tubes to check out the back support and overall fit.

- If it is early spring or late fall, waders will be needed for insulation against the cold water. When the water warms in summer you can fish in jeans.

- Use good fins that have secure foot connections.

- Always wear a life preserver.

- Check the regulations; tubes may not be permitted on some city ponds.

Using a float tube will open up a whole new world of fishing opportunities and the cost is very reasonable.

In addition, tube fishing is a lot of fun. Plan on having a great time!


President, Bear River Tackle

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