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Flies versus Worms - Bear River Tackle

Arizona doesn't have many reservoirs, but it is blessed with a large number of small lakes and ponds that have excellent populations of bass, bluegill, and sunfish.

This spring I traveled to Arizona to visit my father and do a little fishing.

We decided on a local lake for the trip and when purchasing supplies Dad decided to throw in a couple of boxes of worms, “just in case the flies are not working.”

“Want to bet my Bear River Tackle flies out fish the worms,” was my response. This was a bit like plopping a fly right in front of a big hungry bass.

“You are on” was his reply, “I choose the worms.”

This was to be expected, Dad came to fly fishing later in life and would fall back on the old ways when flies were not working.

By the end of the day, we had a large stringer of bluegills and sunfish, enough for a great fish fry.

So, who won the bet?

Well……worms got more fish, but the Ash Special Red fly caught all of the biggest fish.

In fact, Dad caught two of the largest fish with his fly rod, which just goes to show it's never all one way, or all the other.

Be flexible on your trips and you will catch more fish, especially if you're looking to do a fish fry!

Go fly fishing!

Glenn Personey


Bear River tackle

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