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Holiday Happenings with Bear River Tackle

How would you like to present a gift this holiday season which is?

· Different from anything else in the entire world

· Handcrafted in the United States of America

· Tested under actual fishing conditions

· Proven to deliver exceptional results

All of this is possible with a gift of Bear River Tackle fishing flies!

This is the Bear River Tackle patent with a few of the different patterns that are offered

(Octo Gold-Ey Olive – on top / Bass Rattler and Salmon Slayer – in front).

There are many others on the website including a Presentation Box with five hand selected patterns.

This is what we mean by exceptional results. These trout and yellow perch are from one afternoon of fishing and were kept for shore lunches during the week.

I caught and released an additional +200 trout and +50 yellow perch during this Idaho fishing trip.

The recipient of your gift will have a wonderful fishing experience when they show up with flies that no one else has, and which the fish have never seen.

This fisherman is a believer! He out fished everyone else using Bear River Tackle flies at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. His best trout was estimated to be 18-20 pounds and was released unharmed.

Place your order before January 1st and we will include a minimum of two FREE flies, and of course FREE shipping on orders of $50+

Please accept this offer as our way of helping you have an excellent holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Glenn Personey


Bear River Tackle

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