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Calm Before the Storm

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

There was a front moving in which can sometimes result in excellent fishing if you can dodge the weather. At the moment there were some clouds, but the wind was dead calm, surface of the pond was like glass and it was the middle of the day. Didn’t look like rain to me. A good chop on the water would have been helpful, but since I didn't have access to a couple of ginormous fans, that was not to be.

My first casts went to spots where the fish were in the spring. Nothing. The next round of casts went to areas that were productive at other times. Nothing. Not really expecting anything, the next cast went to deep water in the middle of the pond. I was starting to think that the low-pressure front had already shut down the fishing, when a large fish grabbed the Big Bass Rattler fly and jumped twice before spinning the drag with a powerful dive. That first bass measured 16 inches.

“So, they are deep” I thought, which should have been obvious since it was the middle of the day and the weather was still very hot for late September. With this new information, I started working deeper water in the pond ….

…. and caught four more bass that were 14 to 16 inches long, as well as a couple of 12 inch youngsters. All in all, a great day.

Was gathering up my gear to try another location when a light wind started blowing out of the north which was a sign it might be time to head back. I remember thinking, “Ah-oh, might have cut things a little bit close” right before the wind started howling and blowing rain sideways.

Despite double-timing it back to the truck all of my clothes and gear were soaked; even my boots were full of water.

If you're going to try fishing before the storm, be sure to pack extra dry clothes, put your phone in a waterproof case, leave at the first sign of lightning (your flyrod makes an excellent lightning rod) and come prepared to get wet even if you have a raincoat.

But you know what, despite the soaking, it was all worth it!

Some of the best fishing is in the calm before the storm.

Glenn Personey


Bear River Tackle

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