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Spin Fishing with Flies

Have you always wanted to fish with flies, but don’t own a fly rod?

Well, I have good news, with four steps you can convert any spinning rod,

into a “spinning fly rod.”

The secret is to attach a bubble to your line. This device is a small oval sphere that you partially fill with water.

To set up your spinning fly rod follow the four steps shown below:

  1. Slide your fishing line through the center of the bubble and tie it to a barrel swivel.

  2. Attach a piece of clear monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line to the other end of the barrel swivel and extend to the length of the rod. This is a leader.

  3. Tie your fly to the end of the leader.

  4. Partially fill the bubble with water by popping out the center, holding it under water then pushing the center back into position. This gives the bubble significant weight so you can cast the fly long distances.

You are now in the fly-fishing business!

Depending upon the situation I may use both a standard fly rod and a spinning fly rod.

For example, a standard fly rod is best for stream and river fishing. It is also an excellent choice if you are trolling from a float tube or a boat (trout / salmon / sometimes bass).

However, spinning with flies is hard to beat when you are chasing aggressive fish (bass / pike) on flat water such as a pond or small lake.

  • You can reach more water because the bubble gives you the ability to make longer casts as well as fish into the wind.

  • The bubble will create a disturbance on the surface of the water that attracts large fish (snap the tip of your rod, reel the slack, pause, repeat). I use this technique on all my trips for bass and northern pike.

The Bear River Tackle website has more tips on how to use a spinning fly rod.

You can find the website by searching the internet for “Bear River Tackle” or using the following link.

Time to enjoy spin fishing with flies!


Founder and President

Bear River Tackle

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