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The Bear is a Sacred Animal

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Maybe it was because the Bear is a sacred animal to many Native American tribes …. or maybe it was because the Bear River Tackle design is just that good, but once again Bear River Tackle flies significantly outperformed all other flies on a Pyramid Lake trip.

On the first afternoon, there was a bright blue sky, no wind and glass calm water. These are excellent camping conditions, but they also mean difficult fishing because the bright sun and still water cause the fish to move away from shore into deeper water.

Very few fish were caught that evening regardless of the fly or lure being used. With these tough conditions my friend only landed one 21 inch trout. It is not possible to catch fish if they are not there.

The next morning the wind picked up, there was a light overcast sky, and waves started rolling into the shore. This brought the fish closer to shore to feed on small fish and insects that were being stirred up by the waves. However, even in these conditions not everyone was doing well. Other fishermen using standard flies and hardware were catching some fish, but my friend’s results using Bear River Tackle flies were markedly different.

During this one morning of fishing, he landed twenty four large trout. Yes, that was twenty four. The majority were 24 - 26 inches in length and the largest were the three shown below.

10 pound Cutthroat trout (weighed in net and released unharmed)

11 pound Cutthroat trout (weighed net and released unharmed)

12 pound Cutthroat trout (weighed in net and released unharmed)

Nobody else was having a fraction of this success, and it was obvious the difference was the flies, just like on our previous trip when he also caught many large trout including one estimated to be 18-20 pounds (no scale), all of which were released unharmed.

The fly he was using on this trip is a custom designed Bear River Tackle pattern tied specifically for Pyramid Lake (feathers, colors, and body material).

My friend continued to have strong success during the next three days of fishing, including this 16 pound bruiser which was the best of this trip.

16 pound Cutthroat trout (weighed in net and released unharmed)

The fly pattern he used is available on the Bear River Tackle website with the “Design Your Own Fly” option. Place your order for the “Top Level” custom designed flies, then contact me to discuss hook and color recommendations.

Also keep in mind that the best fishing occurs with a stiff wind blowing into shore, there is some cloud cover, during the first two hours in the morning (dawn +2) and the last two hours before dark. Fishing will be slow with bright blue skies, still wind conditions and during the middle of the day.

For the best fishing, schedule your trip during the Spring as the water begins to warm up or in the Fall as the water starts to cool down, stay long enough so you catch optimum weather conditions and don’t forget the Bear River Tackle custom designed flies.

Go Fly Fishing!

Glenn Personey

President Bear River Tackle

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