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Trifecta Plus One! - Bear River Tackle

The forecast called for scorching 100 degree temperatures, the ticks were swarming, and the poison Ivy was thick.

Almost enough to make you give up fishing until things cooled off in the Fall, but …. these negative factors were offset by very favorable atmospheric conditions:

· Moon was dark

· Some cloud cover in the forecast

· S-SW wind at 15-20 mph would put chop on the water, and the big one

· Large storm was moving in

So, what's a little (or a lot) of physical discomfort against the chance to catch a whole bunch of fish?

If you are a CRAZY fly fishing person like me, it is nothing; always go with the favorable atmospheric conditions. But even so I really didn't think fishing would be worth a darn.

The first spot was what I expected. Forty five minutes of fishing resulted in zilch, not even a strike. However, the water in was discolored from recent rains which can turn off the fish.

My backup location though was a different story.

By this time, it was ten in the morning but as soon as I walked up it was apparent things would be different; the water was clear, I could see fish working and the wind had picked up putting chop on the water.

A large green sunfish slammed my first cast.

Shortly thereafter a jumbo Redear Sunfish took a Bass Rattler fly.

In deeper water Largemouth Bass hit Bass Rattler flies, sometimes competing to see which could grab it first.

And to top it all off, a 23 inch Channel Catfish grabbed the Ash Special Golden fly!

The bite never let up all day; it was like scoring the Trifecta, plus One!

Thirty seven fish were landed and released during the day, and many others got off before the net

· Largemouth Bass (16-18 inches) – 11

· Green Sunfish (5-8 inches) – 24

· Red Ear Sunfish (jumbo) – 1

· Channel Catfish (23 inches) – 1

· Plus, a touch of poison ivy rash

All of the fish were caught on Bear River Tackle flies which have life-like movement similar to minnows and crawfish:

· Ash Special Golden

· Octo Gold-EY Olive

· Bass Rattler Gold-EY Silver-Orange-Chartreuse

· Bass Rattler Gold-EY Orange-Chartreuse

This exceptional fly fishing was due to favorable atmospheric conditions, my willingness to put up with difficult physical conditions and of course having the right flies.

May your next fly fishing trip be spectacular!

Go Fly Fishing!

Glenn Personey


Bear River Tackle

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