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Swim Like a Fish

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Disaster struck early. This was the final trial for the new Big Bad Bass flies before deciding on the lineup. Considering the situation there was no alternative but to swim like a fish to save the day.

That morning the alarm went off at 4 AM so I could be on the water at first light while it was still cool. Despite the early start, fishing was slow probably because of the hot dry weather and stationary high pressure front.

However, there was one test fly that had scored two nice bass (14 inches and 16 inches) as well as seven jumbo bluegills before 9 AM.

I had already decided to add this pattern to the final lineup when it landed in a tree on the other side of the stream and would not come free.

That meant there was only one more of these flies so I re-rigged, carefully tested all the knots and checked the line for nicks before moving on to a nearby pond to give it a try.

Sure enough, there was a large bass working the edge of some downed trees. It looked like he wanted to become number three for the day, so I threw the fly beyond the fish and started an erratic retrieve.

When it got close the fish surged at the fly, but apparently missed. I should have waited to feel weight on the line before snapping the rod back to set the hook. Big mistake. Instead of catching the fish, I had a solid hookset on a very large tree partially submerged in the water, and this was the last fly!

I needed to get that fly back so it could be copied. There was no choice but to wade in, boots and all. The water was up to my waist before the fly could be retrieved.

Excellent…disaster averted…. until the very next throw when I snagged yet another submerged tree. Back in the water again to get the fly. At that point it seemed best not to tempt fate and decided to retire for the day.

Overall, it was an excellent trip. The fishing trials for the new Big Bad Bass flies were now complete and the cool water from the pond made the walk back to the truck almost enjoyable.

Sometimes you just have to swim like a fish!

Glenn Personey


Bear River Tackle

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