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Crawfish Pie - Humble Pie


Louisiana Black Drum – 20 lbs.


Do you believe you are a skilled fly angler who should easily be able to sight cast to redfish? So did I, but I was wrong.

None of my previous fly-fishing experience prepared me to sight cast for Redfish in the Louisiana salt marsh. This is an entirely different game.

My equipment and skills were simply not up to the task. To be successful you must:

·       Spot the light color redfish against a tan color bottom.

·       Quickly determine which way the fish is moving.

·       Drop your fly and shoot your line within 2-3 seconds of spotting the fish. There is no time for false casts.

·       Cast the five-inch fly into the wind anywhere from twenty to sixty feet.

·       Stand on a small casting deck at the front of the boat that is rocking with the wind.

·       Accurately hit a six-inch target right in front of the moving fish from your moving boat with no slack line so you can immediately begin to strip the fly.

This was my first-time sight casting for redfish, and my performance was nowhere near this level (humble pie for Glenn).

Fortunately, we had an excellent guide from All Water Anglers. Steven Winkles has a first-rate casting boat and consistently put us on fish. He also patiently explained what to change in our casting and presentation to improve our success. You can reach him at (425-327- 9343) if you are interested in putting together a trip.


All Water Anglers – Steven Winkles


Despite the challenges of sight casting, when everything clicks this is a very addictive sport.

There is nothing like spotting and casting to a large redfish and watching them take the fly.

Eventually I was able to land a total of five redfish and black drum, the largest of which was twenty pounds. One other large redfish spit the hook before we could land it. However, there were 10-15 additional opportunities that did not work out due to my limited sight casting ability and inadequate equipment.

All the fish were caught with custom Bear River Tackle flies tied specifically for redfish, which were highly effective when properly presented.




As an added benefit while you are there be sure to take advantage of the local Cajun food. It is excellent!

Crawfish – Catfish – Red Beans and Rice with Sausage

Crawfish Pie and grilled Oysters (not pictured) were also excellent!


For the next trip there will be a new fly rod, new sun glasses and whole lot of casting practice so I am able to:

·       Drop the fly and shoot the line within two to three seconds of “go.”

·       Easily cast into the wind for twenty to sixty feet and hit a specific target.

·       Complete casts to the left, right and straight ahead with equal ability.

·       Consistently deliver the fly within six inches of my target.


I highly recommend this trip for everyone who wants a fly fishing challenge and loves to see large fish take your fly.

Time to go fly fishing everyone!


Glenn Personey

Founder and CEO

Bear River Tackle


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